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Samsun - Samsun DT AKM Büyük Salon 2 ve salon daha 01 February Tuesday - 13 February 2022 Sunday
  • Tiyatro



Written by Sönmez Atasoy
Directed by Mustafa Kurt

The year of 2021 was announced by the UN & UNESCO as the Year of Yûnus Emre, and by the Presidency of the Turkish Republic as the Year of Yûnus Emre and the Turkish Language.

Yunus the Dervish was written with a contemporary voice to tell of the concepts of the love for humans and nature, tolerance, fraternity and peace, which he could reflect on within a triology of yesterday, today and tomorrow and in a plain Turkish; it addresses all humans without any discrimination in terms of language, religion and race.

Let’s hear the story of Adem, a railroad switchman who keeps Yunus Alive in heart. Meanwhile, we’ll also be hearing Hacı Bektaş-i Veli, Taptuk Emre, and some of the composed poems of Yunus.

As Yunus says, “Let us love one another and be loved. The earth shall be left to no one.”

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Samsun - Samsun DT AKM Büyük Salon
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Ticket Information

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Drinking and Eating

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