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        Around the World In 80 Days

        Around the World In 80 Days

        Paşa Limanı No : 66 Üsküdar / İSTANBUL (Tekel Müzesi ve Kültür Merkezi) 04 April Tuesday - 09 April 2023 Sunday
        • Tiyatro

        Around the World In 80 Days

        2 Acts. / 2 Hours 15 Minutes

        By Jules Verne
        Adapted by Mark Brown
        Translated by Başak Othan
        Directed by Gökhan Kocaoğlu

        1872, London... Mr. Phileas Fogg, an eccentric English gentleman, bets that he can travel around the world in 80 days, and he reveals everything he has in his hand to do so. He is accompanied on this insane voyage by his trusty servant Passepartout. They will travel together across three continents and four oceans on an astonishing voyage that will take them from London to the Wild West. They'll take trains, ships, and even an elephant on their journey! However, while racing against time, they come across an unexpected stumbling block: Detective Fix, who has convinced himself that Fogg is a criminal, is on their tail and doing everything he can to stop them from traveling. Fogg, on the other hand, is waiting for another adventure he has never known in his life on this journey: Love... This deep, exciting, and chaotic adventure will immerse you in it and lead you on a spectacular, risky, and shocking voyage throughout the world, with five people coming to life in dozens of various roles.

        Can Şıkyıldız Gauthier Ralph, British Consul, Superintendent, Priest, Sir Francis, Judge Obadiah, Chinese Broker, Ship's Clerk, Bunsby, Proctor, Engineer, Mudge, Officer, Captain Speedy, Ship's Engineer, Train Dispatcher
        Rojhat Özsoy Andrew Stuart, Detective Fix, Priest, Indian Conductor, Conductor, Elephant Owner, Young Persian, Oysterpuff, Pastor Wilson's Servant
        Fazıl Aksakal Passepartout, John Sullivan
        Canan Maktal James Forster, Priest, Aouda, Journalist
        Can Albayrak Fogg
        Decor Design by Aytuğ Dereli
        Costume Design by Burcu Melek Bozan
        Light Design by Serhat Akın
        Music by Oktay Köseoğlu
        Choreography by Tuğçe Tuna
        Repeter Sezai Yılmaz
        Assistant Director Burak Altay
        Assistants Begüm Mısırlı, Cem Sürgit, Ömer İvedi, Tuğba Yılmaz, Nesrin Avcı, Fazıl Aksakal Stage Supervisor Ergül Muslu
        Konduvit Merve Akgül
        Light Control by Serdar Yaman
        The Decor Supervisors Necati Işık, Dursun Özalp

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