Çanta Kadın

45 dakika
  • Tiyatro

Çanta Kadın -İspanya

1 Perde 45 Dakika (1 Act- 45 Min)

Oyunun Salonu: Sabancı Oda Tiyatrosu

Ülke: İspanya
Grup: Compañía Antártica
Oyun: Çanta Kadın
Yöneten: Jean Louis Danvoye
Yönetmen Yardımcısı: Nick Lehane
Dramaturg: Malgosia Szkandera
Dekor Ve Kukla Tasarımı: Compañía Antártica
Koreografi: Malgosia Szkandera 
Işık Tasarımı: Miguel Ángel García Rosa


Country: Spain
Ensemble: Compañía Antártica
Play: Bag Lady
Director: Jean Louis Danvoye
Assistant Director: Nick Lehane
Dramaturgy: Malgosia Szkandera
Set Designer And Puppet Carver: Compañía Antártica
Choreograpyh: Malgosia Szkandera 
Light Designer: Miguel Ángel García Rosa

Bag lady is the story of a lonely woman who plays using the simplest objects to build her own world. Alone, with the whole body, exploring the wordless poetry of silence, each plastic bag becomes a different character in her hands, and as a gift, will take us to discover and live different moments, all built with white plastic bags. Bag Lady travels through her past and memories, imbued with their own desires and fantasies all of these characters and moments...

A dancer who can not dance until she finds her own heart, a gentleman who is looking for his loved woman, and a geisha who uses a simple bamboo cane as a flute or as an instrument of death...

...But is she a crazy old-fashioned woman or does she hide a passionate past...?

...Who is "Bag Lady"?

There are no words on "Bag Lady", only a perfect combination of music, images, songs...and silence.


Malgosia Szkandera



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