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        Hannas 2


        Tension in a house full of mystery where love will be tested. 'Izbe Ev' is a striking meeting of fear and love, full of paranormal events.

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        Lead Actor: Tayfun Sav

        Director: Gökhan Arı

        Hannas 2 Movie Subject

        Hannas 2 film details

        The film is about the paranormal events that happen to Ali and Jale, who run away from the city together to stay at an acquaintance's house after their families disapprove of their relationship.

        • Vision Date 02 February 2024 Friday
        • Film Type Horror
        • Duration 79 minutes
        • Smart Markers Suitable for audiences 13 and older. Contains elements of Violence and Fear. It includes behaviors that can create negative examples.

        Hannas 2 Actors of The Movie

        Hannas 2 movie cast
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