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        Your orders cannot be canceled or changed after payment is made. Therefore, please confirm your transaction after checking your cart content and making sure of its content.

        Tickets that are not used on the day and time are invalid and it is not possible to refund and/or change the ticket price and service fee. A request cannot be made to Biletinial for the refund of tickets that are not used on the day and time.

        Our company is not responsible for any cancellation of the event. However, information such as event cancellation or postponement of the event date will be announced to you via the phone number or e-mail address you registered when purchasing your ticket.

        The content and visuals of the purchased events are sent to us by the organizing companies we have agreed with, and are presented to you as they are delivered. Our company is not responsible for problems arising from differences in content of events and copyrights of images. Additionally, no guarantee is given regarding the expected quality of the events.

        Service fees determined for ticket sales; It is determined in the contracts made with the organizer of ticket sales. For events for which tickets are purchased, a service fee is charged as part of the ticket value or added to the ticket price. When purchasing a ticket, you are deemed to have agreed to pay these fees, if any, based on the ticket price.

        During the ticket purchase process, we may collect various information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, and contact preferences. This information that you will share with us by giving consent will not be shared with any other person or company, and will only be used to provide news and events related to your interests and to inform you about the innovations and events on our site.

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