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        Contract and Policies

        Contract and Policies

        In accordance with Article 3 of Law No. 563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce ("Law"), you can access the introductory information about Biletinial Ticket Printing and Distribution Inc. (Biletinial) on our website's "About Us" section.

        By visiting Biletinial or purchasing tickets, you are deemed to have explicitly accepted all the terms and conditions regarding the use of this website, the privacy policy, and all relevant laws, regulations, and legislation related to the site.


        Biletinial: Biletinial Ticket Printing and Distribution Inc., which encompasses the online ticket service, Biletinial mobile ticket services used on mobile phones, tablets, and similar electronic platforms, and/or kiosks located in event venues related to this service.

        "User": Refers to the person who visits Biletinial and/or purchases a ticket.

        "Service": Refers to the user's purchase of tickets through Biletinial.

        "Service Fee": Refers to the fee collected from the user, in addition to the ticket's box office price as agreed upon, for the services provided by Biletinial.

        When you visit Biletinial's website, some general non-personal information about your visit may be collected and recorded. This information may include the time and duration of your visit, the pages viewed on the site, and information about the website visited just before coming to our site. These pieces of information are used solely to measure site activity, generate ideas to improve our site, and expedite your transactions within the site. While our site is open to all visitors, it also includes certain sections that are only accessible and participatory for members. Expressing opinions on news and sections of the site, participating in interactive surveys, tests, and contests are among these sections. To use these sections, you will need to log in as a member.

        Personal Data Protection

        You can access the Personal Data Protection Information Disclosure of Biletinial by clicking on the Personal Data Protection link.

        Provided Content and Other Site Links

        Some sections of the content offered by Biletinial and the entirety of event contents are provided by third parties and organizing companies. In cases where third parties are the authors or providers of the stated thoughts, recommendations, services, suggestions, and other content, Biletinial is not responsible for the integrity, usefulness, and accuracy of this information. Therefore, any intellectual property infringements made by third parties are not the responsibility of Biletinial.

        Additionally, this site may contain links to other websites. Biletinial is not responsible for the privacy practices, content, or privacy policies and practices of these websites or third parties.

        Service Fee

        The service fees determined by Biletinial for ticket sales are determined based on agreements signed between the person, institution, or organization selling the tickets and Biletinial. In this case, a service fee is charged by deducting it from the ticket value or adding it to the ticket price for each ticket processed by Biletinial. By purchasing a ticket from Biletinial, the user is deemed to have accepted the payment of these fees, if applicable, on top of the ticket price.

        Additional Security Measures for Payments

        In order to ensure maximum security for payments and prevent malicious attempts, Biletinial has determined additional security measures to be applied to payments. By accepting the terms of use and privacy policies, you are also deemed to comply with these measures.


        For all online ticket purchases made through Biletinial, it is mandatory to use the 3D Secure system and make payments through this channel.

        Relevant Institutions, Cancellations, Postponements, and Refunds

        Biletinial sells tickets on behalf of contracted individuals, institutions, or organizations based on the agreements made with them. Biletinial does not provide any specific guarantees, including manufacturer's guarantees or average quality guarantees, regarding the services provided, except as limited. The site and its content are provided "as is."

        In accordance with the ticket sales policies and agreements made with the contracted individuals, institutions, or organizations, Biletinial is not responsible for refunding the price of a sold ticket or the service fee, if applicable.

        The contracted individual, institution, or organization may choose not to provide the service to the User or may postpone it for various reasons. Biletinial is not responsible for the cancellation of the service in any way. In such cases, you need to contact Biletinial to obtain detailed information.

        Tickets that are not used on the specified date and time are invalid, and Biletinial cannot provide a refund or change the ticket price or service fee. Requests for the refund of unused tickets on the specified date and time cannot be made to Biletinial. However, the relevant information and updates provided by the individual, institution, or organization regarding event cancellations or postponements will be communicated to the User through Biletinial.

        In the case of arriving late to the event, Biletinial is not responsible for allowing the user into the event venue under any circumstances.

        Except for special practices applicable to State Theaters, State Opera and Ballet, and Ministry of Culture and Tourism Concerts, refunds are not processed through Biletinial unless there are force majeure circumstances. Force majeure circumstances are defined as event cancellation and/or changes, adverse weather conditions confirmed by official authorities, disasters, strikes, lockouts, war, terrorist activities, technical disruptions at the event venue, and subsequent changes to the official "audience age group" designated for the event.

        Therefore, if you are unable to use your ticket for any reason other than force majeure or event cancellation, you can contact Biletinial no later than 2 hours before the event time.

        For State Theaters, State Opera and Ballet, and Ministry of Culture and Tourism Concerts, tickets can be refunded without any justification until 48 hours before the event time. (Refunds for tickets purchased by logging into the MEMBERSHIP section can be made by clicking on the CANCEL option within the MY TICKETS section 48 hours before the event time. Refund requests for tickets purchased without logging into the membership need to be sent via email to 48 hours before the event time. Cancellation/refund process is valid for tickets purchased online and not printed at the box office.)

        Together with Biletinial, Biletinial's partners, employees, or content providers cannot be held responsible for any errors, unintentional negligence, faults, or information deficiencies that may occur on Biletinial, regardless of the cause or duration, or for any damages resulting from the user's exposure to interruptions or delays. These organizations or individuals do not accept liability for any claims of damage or loss from third parties, punitive damages, or indirect damages.

        Age Restrictions and Discounted Tickets

        By purchasing tickets through Biletinial, the user acknowledges that they comply with the age restrictions applicable to the event. Proof of identification will be required at the event venue for tickets purchased with age restrictions.

        If there is a definition of discounted tickets for the event and the user selects the option for a discounted ticket, the user agrees and undertakes to comply with the terms of the discounted ticket. Proof of identification will be required at the event venue for discounted tickets.

        User Relations

        Biletinial does not accept responsibility for the failure, error, cancellation, or delay of any event, communication interruptions, or any damage or loss resulting from computer viruses. The user acknowledges that Biletinial cannot be held responsible for improper and aggressive behavior or insults by other users. While Biletinial reserves the right to cancel the membership of users who do not comply with general morality and societal rules, the user themselves are responsible for any damage that may arise from such relationships.


        Users can contact Biletinial through the following channels:



        Phone: 0850 3339911

        Intellectual Property Rights

        Biletinial contains information and materials, including text, photos, graphics, and audio music, some of which are subject to copyright belonging to Biletinial or third parties. The user acknowledges that they only have the right to make copies for personal use and cannot modify, copy, reproduce, publish, sell, or assist in the unauthorized use of the content and materials without the written permission of Biletinial. The user also agrees not to use any tools, software, or methods to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the operation of Biletinial. Biletinial reserves the right to take legal action against any unauthorized interference and/or application.

        Dispute Resolution

        By using the site, the user agrees that any disputes arising from the use of the site will be subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and will be resolved in accordance with these laws.

        Biletinial continuously researches and implements the latest and best measures to ensure the highest level of security for its users.

        Our aim is to provide you with quality service in the best and safest manner possible.