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        Frequently Asked Questions

        How can I contact your customer service department?

        You can reach our Customer Service department by calling our hotline at 0850 333 99 11, or by emailing us at

        During which hours can I reach you?

        You can reach us from 09:00 to 22:00, seven days a week.

        Where can I find the location of the event venue?

        You can find the address information of the venue by clicking/tapping on the address provided on the event's detail page on our website and mobile application.

        I purchased my ticket through or the mobile app. Where can I get the physical ticket? offers the "home ticket" option. With this method, your ticket will be delivered to you via email and SMS, and each ticket has a unique transaction number. During the event, you simply need to show the QR code provided in the SMS and/or email to the authorized personnel. You can also collect your tickets from Biletinial KIOSK devices at venues where they are available.

        I haven't received any email or SMS regarding the tickets I purchased. What should I do?

        First, please check your email inbox, as well as the junk and spam folders, for our email. If you still can't find our email in the checked folders, you can contact our Customer Service hotline at 0850 333 99 11 in the lower right corner and provide the email and phone number you used during the ticket purchase. Our team can assist you in checking and resending the SMS.

        Is it possible to make changes or get a refund for the tickets I purchased?

        We apologize, but is only responsible for ticketing and does not have control over the actual events. Unless there is a cancellation or change announced by the event organizer or unless there are specific rules stated by the organizer, there are no changes or refunds available for purchased tickets.

        Are there any discounts available for students or others?

        Discounts may vary depending on the specific event. If there is a discount available, once you select the ticket category or the number of attendees on the page, the page will update automatically when you select the discount option, such as Student or Full Price. Keep in mind that customers who benefit from discounts must present identification documents that entitle them to the discount at the event entrance. Customers without proper identification may be required to pay the price difference.

        Why can't seat selection be made when purchasing tickets from the website?

        The seating arrangement for events is determined by the organizers. Some events have assigned seating, while others have a general admission (unassigned seating) arrangement. In events with general admission, you can only select the category, not the specific seat. The event staff will guide you to your designated area based on the ticket category you purchased.

        Why is there a 15-minute time limit for online purchases?

        The 15-minute time limit is applied to protect the rights of other people who are interested in purchasing tickets. If the person who added tickets to their cart does not complete the purchase within 15 minutes, the selected tickets will be automatically released from the cart and made available for sale again.

        Why can't I purchase the desired number of tickets?

        The maximum number of tickets that can be purchased in a single transaction for events is set as 9. If you wish to purchase 10 or more tickets, you can make a separate transaction.

        Is it possible to make a reservation without purchasing the ticket? does not offer reservation services. Reservations cannot be made.

        How does the ticket purchasing process work for private boxes?

        For private boxes, you cannot purchase a single seat; the prices are determined based on the total capacity of the box.

        Can I purchase tickets for different events in a single transaction, or do I need to make separate transactions?

        You can purchase tickets for different events in a single transaction.

        Do I need to get a physical copy of the ticket from a ticket booth after purchasing it online?

        No, it is not necessary to collect a physical copy of the ticket from a ticket booth. For each ticket you purchase from, simply show the transaction number received via email or SMS to the authorized personnel at the event venue. You can also collect your tickets from Biletinial KIOSK devices at venues where they are available.

        Why is there a service fee charged for online ticket purchases?

        The service fee charged by for online sales covers the costs associated with providing the service and facilitating the ticketing process. By purchasing tickets through, you can easily obtain your tickets without having to wait in line at the box office. You can enter the event by presenting the transaction number received via email and SMS.

        Do I need to purchase tickets for my children?

        The ticket policy for events is entirely at the discretion of the event organizer. Unless otherwise specified, tickets are required for children as well. Any specific privileges or discounts for children will be indicated in the event details. Please pay attention to the age restrictions applicable to the events.

        Do you offer discounts for bulk or group ticket purchases?

        Discounts for bulk or group ticket purchases may vary depending on the event. It is best to contact our customer service center to inquire about such arrangements.

        Which credit cards can I use?

        You can use Mastercard, Visa credit cards, virtual cards, and debit cards with online purchase and 3D Secure capabilities. Your card should be enabled for online transactions.

        What should I do if I lose my ticket?

        If your ticket is an electronic ticket, don't worry, we can assist you. However, if you physically purchased a ticket and have lost it, reprinting the ticket is technically not possible. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep and protect the physical ticket you purchased.

        What can I do if I purchased a ticket for the wrong date or wrong event?

        Please review the contents of your cart carefully before completing the ticket purchase. Once the ticketing process is complete, unless the event is canceled, it will not be possible to change or cancel your tickets.