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        2024 FIVB Volleyball Nations League Seasonal Ticket

        • Volleyball

        2024 FIVB Volleyball Volleyball Nations League - Seasonal Tickets

        - Tickets for sport events are available for ages 6 and above. 

        - Seasonal tickets cover all competitions between May 14-19 and May 21-26.

        The first week of the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) will be hosted in Antalya, organized by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) in both men's and women's competitions.

        The defending champions, the world number 1 ''Filenin Sultanları''  will be competing in Antalya between May 14-19, 2024. Italy, Poland, Japan, Germany, Bulgaria and France will take part in the first week of the VNL.

        ''Filenin Efeleri'' , who will appear in the League of Nations for the first time in their history, will be competing in Antalya on May 21-26, 2024. In the first week, Poland, USA, Slovenia, France, Netherlands, Canada and Bulgaria will take part.

        - Tickets may not be copied, sold or used for promotional or commercial purposes.
        - The organizer is not responsible for tickets that are not purchased from an authorized point of sale, have the stubs torn off, are counterfeit or damaged.
        - Tickets must be kept until the end of the match.
        - Purchased tickets cannot be returned, exchanged or reprinted.
        - Persons who leave the hall between consecutive matches or during halftimes will not be allowed back in.
        - The Federation or the Organizer is authorized to ask for identification and conduct body searches at the entrances.
        - All kinds of glass, metal, plastic, etc. bottles, flammable/explosive materials, firearms or cutting/piercing weapons, drugs, alcohol and all kinds of food, beverages, pets, selfie sticks, umbrellas, perfume, deodorant, chargers, lipstick, etc., sound-making devices (megaphone, vuvuzela, etc.) and recording devices are prohibited.
        - The Federation and the Organizer have the right to refuse entry to anyone they believe to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
        - Smoking is prohibited in and around the venue.
        - It is forbidden to engage in political or commercial activities in and around the venue, to use objects, banners and symbols that may incite violence.
        - Ticket holders are obliged to comply with temporary traffic and parking instructions.
        - Ticket holders who do not sit in the place indicated on their ticket, watch the matches standing or in the corridor, throw substances on the field that may cause injury to athletes and officials or disrupt the flow of the game, obstruct the functioning of the organization.