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        Aşk Hikayen Düşmüş

        110 minutes
        • Comedy

        Aşk Hikayen Düşmüş Theatre Play Tickets

        Age Limit: Suitable for ages 13 and up.
        Duration: 2 acts, 110 min.

        ‘Your Love Story Has Fallen’, which penetrates the edges of the heart and the veins of the heart and is the first dream of Tiyatro Hayali, takes the audience on a magical journey. Written by Ahmet Sami Özbudak and directed by Emrah Eren, the play makes its audience feel good with the adventure of searching and finding their soul mate. This amusement park of love, where albatrosses, little people, winged street musicians, heartthrobs, novel heroes and little poets roam, impresses with the performance of two actors. Told by Ayça Koyunoğlu and Fatih Koyunoğlu, this entertaining tale promises its audience an endearing journey of love that never loses its pace. Our heroes ‘woman’ and ‘man’ are two lovers who have not yet met each other. If the universe brings these souls together, a marvellous love story will be gifted to the earth. But if the opposite happens, if the story is more difficult for them, can love still continue? Can two soul mates continue the story through separate lives, or does a person start to live with his soul when he finds his mate? Asking these questions and discussing the answers with its audience, ‘Your Love Story Has Fallen’ offers its audience a viewing pleasure that it has never experienced before.
        Would you believe in such a love?
        If you have a soul mate anywhere in the world and you are playing the same game without realising it, if you see the same things when you look at the sky, if you feel each other at that moment when you stand in the middle of all the chaos...
        Check your pockets. Your love story might have fallen somewhere.

        Written by: Ahmet Sami Özbudak
        Directed by: Emrah Eren
        Cast: Ayça Koyunoglu , Fatih Koyunoglu
        Decor and Costume Design: Merve Yörük
        Lighting Design: Uğur Aksu
        Music: Deniz Bayrak
        Poster Design: Ethem Onur Bilgiç
        Game Photos: Emre Mollaoglu
        Assistant Director: Ahmet Balta
        Reji Assistant: Delal Yildirim
        Stage Manager : Yasemin İşcan
        Social Media and Communication: Emirhan Savaş

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        - Unless the event is cancelled or postponed, ticket refunds, cancellations and changes cannot be made.
        - Ticket control will be done at the entrance of the event, you must show your ticket from your phone and read the qr code.
        - The specified time is the event start time. 
        - Late arrivals are admitted at intermission if there is an intermission in theatre performances; at the first appropriate applause in concerts, dances, performances. Otherwise, they cannot be admitted.
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        - Phones must be kept switched off/silent.

        *Ticket cancellation is not possible for the events of Fuego Production.

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