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        Bir Halk Düşmanı

        100 minutes
        • Tragedy
        • Drama

        Bir Halk Düşmanı Theater Play

        Age Limit: 8+
        Duration: 100 min.

        'Bir Halk Düşmanı', a stunning work from the pen of Henrik Ibsen that left its mark on the stage and made a great impression, meets you with the master actor Rutkay Aziz and a large cast. A city, which has pinned all its hopes for the future on the newly established hot spring facilities, is shaken by the great discovery of the doctor who realizes this project. The mayor, who is the doctor's own brother, and the circles of interest are disturbed by this discovery. Will the doctor now become a hero who hides the truth, or a public enemy who says what he knows is right?

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