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        Burda Olan, Burda Kalır

        28 April Sunday - 13 May 2024 Monday
        120 minutes
        • Comedy

        Burda Olan, Burda Kalır Theater Play

        Age Limit: Suitable for participants aged 6 and above.

        Duration: 120 min.

        "Burda Olan, Burda Kalır" by Zafer Algöz and Can Yılmaz

        Can Yılmaz and Zafer Algöz, who are very popular with their social media posts and their YouTube channel called Burda Olan Burda Kalır, continue to meet with their audience with FUEGO organization.

        *Ticket cancellation is not possible for events organized by Fuego Production.

        - Under 12 years old are not allowed. Ages 12 and over are subject to ticket.
        - You must be ready to be at the door of the event with your ticket at least 1 hour before the event start time.
        - The organizer reserves the right to change the venue and time of the event.
        - The organizer has the right not to allow people who are not suitable for the event to enter the event venue by refunding the ticket fee.
        - It is forbidden to bring food and beverages into the event venue.
        - It is strictly forbidden to take video recordings or photographs, including cell phones, during the event.

        - Tickets not used on the day and time of the event are invalid and it is not possible to refund and/or change the ticket price and service fee. Tickets not used on the day and time cannot be requested from Biletinial for refund.
        - If your ticket cannot be used for any reason other than force majeure or cancellation of the event, we kindly ask you to contact Biletinial at least 48 hours before the event time, otherwise your ticket cannot be canceled.
        - The organizing institutions and/or organizations have the right to make changes in the seating arrangement and plan in the areas and/or concert halls where the concert will be held.
        - The user agrees that the tickets purchased through Biletinial comply with the age limit rules applicable to the event. For age limits, it will be mandatory to present ID at the event venue for the ticket purchased.
        - If there is a discounted ticket definition for the event and a ticket is purchased with the discounted ticket option, the User agrees and undertakes that he/she is subject to this discounted ticket. For discounted tickets, it will be mandatory to present the identity card at the event venue.
        - In case of late arrival at the event time, Biletinial is not responsible in any way for taking the user to the event venue.

        Burda Olan, Burda Kalır Tickets and Prices

        AntalyaBurda Olan, Burda Kalır Antalya Tickets

        AdresAntalya Türkan Şoray Kültür Merkezi
        Last 7 Ticket Before The Seats Sold Out Buy Your Ticket
        Organization Fuego Yapım
        450.00 TL Prices starting from

        EskişehirBurda Olan, Burda Kalır Eskişehir Tickets

        Akso Organizasyon
        Organization Akso Organizasyon
        400.00 TL Prices starting from

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