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        Doğu Ekspresinde Cinayet

        02 May Thursday - 23 May 2024 Thursday
        120 minutes
        • Polisiye

        Doğu Ekspresinde Cinayet Theater Play

        Age Limit: 13+
        Duration: 120 Minutes

        Agatha Christie's "Doğu Ekspresinde Cinayet" is on the theater stage for the first time in Turkey!

        Written in 1933 by Agatha Christie at Pera Palas in Istanbul, her cult work Doğu Ekspresinde Cinayet, which has been translated into dozens of languages and made into movie adaptations since then, meets you. Christie's world-famous detective Hercule Poirot is brought to life with the acting of Atilla Şendil.

        On the Orient Express departing from Istanbul, there are many different characters as well as the world's most famous detective, Hercule Poirot. On the very first night, a brutal murder is committed on the train. But everyone has witnesses who can do it. Moreover, the compartment where the murder took place is filled with more than enough evidence. For the first time in his life, Poirot is having troubled moments. Who or who killed the deceased and why? Are what appears to be an ordinary group of travelers actually hiding something? When the train becomes snowbound and stranded on a mountainside, Poirot races against time to find the killer or killers before the police arrive.

        by Agatha Christie

        Adapted for Stage by Ken Ludwig

        Translated by : Savaş Özdural

        Directed by: Atilla Şendil - Savaş Özdural

        Decor Serkan Kavurt

        Costume Pelin Turancı

        Music: Fatih Özacun

        Light: Ahmet Güleryüz

        Actors :

        Atilla Şendil

        Savaş Özdural

        Nazan Diper

        Özdemir Çiftçioğlu

        Pelin Turancı

        Hakan Akın

        Ozan Dağara

        Oya Inci

        Ebru Karanfilci

        Can Esendal

        Ilgin Angın

        Fatih Özacun

        Kerem Tataroğlu

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        Doğu Ekspresinde Cinayet Tickets and Prices

        AntalyaDoğu Ekspresinde Cinayet Antalya Tickets

        400.00 TL Prices starting from
        400.00 TL Prices starting from

        BursaDoğu Ekspresinde Cinayet Bursa Tickets

        AdresBAOB Sahne, Bursa
        BAM Yapım
        Organization BAM Yapım
        400.00 TL Prices starting from
        AdresBAOB Sahne, Bursa
        BAM Yapım
        Organization BAM Yapım
        400.00 TL Prices starting from

        EdirneDoğu Ekspresinde Cinayet Edirne Tickets

        Organization Akla Kara Tiyatro
        400.00 TL Prices starting from

        İstanbul European SideDoğu Ekspresinde Cinayet İstanbul European Side Tickets

        400.00 TL Prices starting from
        400.00 TL Prices starting from

        KırklareliDoğu Ekspresinde Cinayet Kırklareli Tickets

        Organization Akla Kara Tiyatro
        400.00 TL Prices starting from

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