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        Gölge Otobanı

        Osmanağa, Halil Ethem Sokak, General Asım Gündüz Cd., 34714 Kadıköy/İstanbul Tuesday, July 23, 2024
        75 minutes
        • Drama

        Gölge Otobanı Play

        Duration: 75 minutes
        Age limit: 10+

        Do you need hope to dream or is it enough to dream for hope?

        Three people, strangers to each other, who come together by chance, travel in a car. An event that happens to them changes the course of this journey and leads the characters on a different journey through memory and time. Set in the center of migration, in these lands, this seemingly random and ordinary journey leads the three characters on the trail of home, hope and dreams to be pursued against all odds.

        "Gölge Otobanı", the second play of the "Encounters" trilogy, carries the journey of three different people to the dilemma of reality and fiction, and tells the story of migration, belonging and hope on this road flowing on the axis of past, future and present, again using the language of cinema.

        Written & Directed by: Yusuf Onur Aydın

        Cast: Tahir Yılmaz, Yusuf Nebioğlu, Yusuf Onur Aydın

        Assistant Director: Gökçe Karaman

        Stage & Costume Design: Bengü Şener

        Lighting Design: Alev Topal

        Sound & Music Design: Mert Gözmen

        Videographer: Said Sakip Demir

        Assistant Director:Berfin Gül

        Reji Assistants: Umut Akdoğan, Ezo Şara Uray

        Game Photos: Orçun Kaya

        Co-Producer: Büşra Ersoy, Güney Coşka

        Production: Theater Watt

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        Gölge Otobanı Tickets and Prices

        İstanbul Anatolian SideGölge Otobanı İstanbul Anatolian Side Tickets

        AdresModa Sahnesi
        Moda Sahnesi
        Organization Moda Sahnesi
        274.00 ₺ Prices starting from

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