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        Harikalar Mutfağı Theatre Play Tickets

        Children's Game: 5+

        1 Act - 40 Minutes

        By: Ege Isik & Haluk Isik
        Directed by: Sıdıka Derya Gümra


        The neighboring kitchens of the grumpy Broken Fork and the kind-hearted Gümüşkepçe open their doors, this time not to delicious food, but to a fun adventure. When Gümüşkepçe's carefully stored ingredients fall into the hands of a cute thief, it is up to the inept cook Kırıkçatal to feed a hundred and fifty children.
        Can Amber Smile, who never forgives a mishap when it comes to Smile Children's Homes, trust this grumpy cook?
        Can Poor Puzzledpaw's sworn enemy, the mouse Hoppydish, lay the foundations for an impossible friendship? This time, the mischievous cooks of the Kitchen of Wonders will feed you fun, not your tummy!

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        Gümüşkepçe: Efecan Baştürk
        Kırıkçatal: Serkan Cetinkaya
        Şaşkınpençe: Cengiz Bodur
        Kehribar Gülücük: Çağla Genç Özkaymak
        Zıpırdiş:Fatih Butcher
        Neşeliibik: İpek Abama

        Decor Design by: Aslıhan Üçer
        Costume Design: Ceren Karahan
        Lighting Design: Ali Karaman
        Music: Oktay Köseoğlu
        Choreography: Ilyas Odman
        Assistant Director: Çağrı Dulun
        Assistants: Zeynep Yilmaz, Ipek Abama

        Stage Manager: Olcaytu Send
        Conductor: Ismail Ale
        Light Controller: Mehmet Shah Güney
        Souffler: Filiz Soyluoglu
        Decor Supervisor: Nuri Yavuz
        Accessories Supervisor: Süleyman Aksu
        Women Tailor: Ezgi Alver
        Male Tailor: Hüseyin Aygören
        Wig maker: Arzu Kepenek

        - Tickets go on sale 13 days before the performance at 10.00 at the box office and at 10.10 at
        - The General Directorate of State Theaters may change the performance order and program when necessary.
        - Tickets purchased at the State Theater Box Offices cannot be withdrawn or exchanged except in cases of cancellation and/or change of the play.
        - The refund of tickets purchased by logging in as a MEMBER can be made 48 hours before the event time from the CANCEL section in the MY TICKETS section. Cancellation/refund transactions are valid for tickets purchased online and not printed at the box office.
        - Refund requests for tickets purchased without a MEMBERSHIP login must be sent via e-mail to 48 hours before the event time. Cancellation/refunds are valid for tickets purchased online and not printed at the box office.
        - Adult plays are for audiences over 8 years of age. The age limit may change according to the plays.
        - Children under 8 years of age (except for children and youth plays) are kindly requested not to be brought to our plays.
        - Performances start at the announced date and time. Audiences who are late for the first act will not be able to watch the first act.
        - Discounted tickets are sold only to students and teachers via internet and mobile applications.