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        Herkes Kocama Benziyor

        Osmanağa, Halil Ethem Sokak, General Asım Gündüz Cd., 34714 Kadıköy/İstanbul Monday, September 2, 2024
        80 minutes
        • Comedy
        • Tragedy
        • Drama

        Herkes Kocama Benziyor Theatre Play Tickets

        Age Limit: 13+
        Duration: 80 min-Single Act

        ''No, since that night I feel relieved, but I don't feel like I've cooled down yet. I don't understand, my anger was just sitting inside me like an aluminum ball. It has cooled down. But sometimes I feel bad again. Ever since that night, something has stuck to me. My head won't stop, it's always working. My brain is always awake. I say, "Shut up sometimes, girl. I don't know, if I'm a woman, I guess the inside of my head is a woman too. A woman with eyes wide open like a genie.''

        Ayten, who works as a restroom attendant in a pavilion, tells her story one by one in her office. How she "ended up" here, her husband who left her, her grief, her enthusiasm, her other friends who work in the pavilion she loves so much, but most of all her anger... When that anger, which she could not define in the past and whose meaning she had reached piece by piece, breaks like the frosted glass of the toilet one day, nothing is ever the same again.


        Afife Theater Awards 2022 "Most Successful Actress of the Year"

        Direklerarası Theater Awards 2022 "One Man Performance"

        Written by: Alis Çalışkan
        Directed by: Hakan Emre Ünal
        Performed by: Pınar Güntürkün
        Dramaturgy: Ekip Çalışması
        Assistant Director Alis Caliskan
        Poster Design: Yaşam Özlem Gülseven
        Technical Application: Taha Arikan
        Photo: Ayçin Caliskan
        Production: Temsili Sahne

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        Herkes Kocama Benziyor Tickets and Prices

        İstanbul Anatolian SideHerkes Kocama Benziyor İstanbul Anatolian Side Tickets

        AdresModa Sahnesi Büyük Salon
        Moda Sahnesi
        Organization Moda Sahnesi
        395.00 ₺ Prices starting from

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