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        Kim Bu Ben

        120 minutes
        • Gerilim

        Kim Bu Ben Theatre Play 

        Age Limit: 15+
        Duration: 120 minutes / 2 Acts

        Daphne and Adam, who grew up together in an orphanage, realise one day that their virtual identities have been stolen. Crimes committed with stolen identities begin to darken their lives.

        While the whole world thinks they are monsters, they decide to solve this great mystery that darkens their lives. Could they make the world listen to them? Could they trust each other? Or did their true identities ever exist?

        The author of the play is Rose Leilani, a data analyst in charge of digital technologies for a large casino chain. "Kim Bu Ben" is her first and only play.

        Theatre IN's choice after "Mother", "Kim Bu Ben", written in 2022, is a criminal thriller full of love, dealing with the codes of the global climate crisis, pandemic, neoliberalism, individualisation, digitalisation and surveillance capitalism.

        The play is in 2 acts, the duration is 2 hours including intermission and there is an age limit of +15.
        The right to stage this work has been taken over from the author's representative ONK Ajans Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri A.Ş.

        Written by: Rose Leilani
        Translated by: Onur Ünsal
        Directed by: Engin Hepileri
        Light: Cem Yilmazer
        Music: Kenan Dogulu
        Decor: Engin Hepileri
        Costume: Asena Saban
        Video: Okan Temizarabacı
        Poster and Graphics: Cemre Yesil Gonenli
        Choreography: Büşra Firidin


        Daphne Beyza Şekerci
        Man: Onur Unsal
        LK: Neslihan Arslan

        Assistant directors: Musa Can Pekcan, Doğa Halis
        Executive Producer: Baris Şekerci
        Assistant Director: Simge Esen
        Video assistant: Zeynep Balkan
        Light application: Abdullah Karanfil
        Audio and Video application: Ayça Özkan
        Costume accessory: Simge Esen

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