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        Gırgır Stand Up Gecesi

        Altay Çeşme Mah.Kışlalı Cad. No:18 Maltepe - İstanbul Friday, June 28, 2024
        100 minutes
        • Stand up

        GIRGIR Stand Up Night Event

        Age Limit: 15+

        Duration: 100 min.

        Legendary humour on stage...

        Get ready to laugh, laugh, laugh.

        Masterful humour, lots of laughter in this show. A complete laughter feast where the comedian and the audience come together to laugh. You will be surprised at some moments of the show and at others you will say, "I am the person in this story." This show reveals the healing power of humour. This show leaves a taste like the unforgettable cartoons that remain in our minds. This show, which we dedicate to our legendary humourists who influenced our lives, made us laugh and made us beautiful, and who were oppositional in every period, will make you laugh a lot. Put aside your daily chores and hustle and bustle and take your seats. BuTheatre's beautification therapy by making you laugh is starting. Barbaros Uzunöner, one of the TEDx speakers, who performs stand up shows at BKM Mutfak, author of award-winning plays, writer of award-winning plays, from the Gırgır magazine team, and Volkan Kantoğlu, screenwriter, actor, writer of Gırgır magazine, take the stage alternately. In every event, one of these two names gives the audience unforgettable moments. You will laugh a lot in this show with a high dose of humour.

        ** Cancellation is not made for the events of this Theatre company.

        - Tickets that are not used on the day and time are invalid and it is not possible to refund and/or change the ticket price and service fee. Tickets that are not used on the day and time cannot be requested from Biletinial for refund.
        - If your ticket cannot be used for any reason other than force majeure or cancellation of the event, we kindly ask you to contact Biletinial at the latest 48 hours before the event time, otherwise your ticket cannot be cancelled.
        - The organising institution and/or organisations have the right to make changes in the seating arrangement and plan in the areas where the concert will be held and/or in the concert halls when they deem appropriate.
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        - In case of late arrival at the event time, Biletinial is in no way responsible for taking the user to the event venue.

        Gırgır Stand Up Gecesi Tickets and Prices

        İstanbul Anatolian SideGırgır Stand Up Gecesi İstanbul Anatolian Side Tickets

        Organization Bu Tiyatro - Tiyatro İyidir
        336.00 ₺ Prices starting from

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