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        Kürk Mantolu Madonna

        Göztepe, Mustafa Mazhar Bey Sokağı No:2, 34730 Kadıköy/İstanbul Tuesday, July 30, 2024
        75 minutes
        • Drama

        Kürk Mantolu Madonna Theater Play

        Age Limit: 15+
        Duration: 75 Minutes

        "A black-bound notebook hidden in a drawer..." 
        "Raif Efendi's unbearable despair is the only consolation for his impossible love..." 
        "The secrets the notebook carries, an unforgettable love and a great loneliness..."

        Sabahattin Ali's novel Kürk Mantolu Madonna, which is also said to be a love story that he actually lived himself, took its place as the author's first and last love novel in 1943. This work, adapted and directed by Taner Barlas in August 2023, is now meeting theater audiences and taking its place on the stage. Raif Efendi's passion for going to exhibitions caused by his interest in painting and his encounter with the portrait of Kürk Mantolu Madonna is the beginning of a magical journey. This very special love story is also the name of being able to exist themselves for the first time in their lives. The subsequent encounter with Frau van Tiedemann, a distant relative of Maria Puder, which the author describes as a treacherous coincidence, throws Raif Efendi into an unbearable torture. The sad event that happened to Madonna, with whom he had a passionate love affair, caused Raif Efendi to struggle with emotions he could not cope with. The black-bound notebook, which he describes as his only friend, enters his life here. He entrusts the notebook to his coworker and the only person he trusts. The notebook is opened and a decade-old secret is revealed for the first time. The play is a story of despair but also of hope, of fear and excitement, of the sublimity of love, of self-existence and of giving meaning to life through the combination of all of these.

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