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        Bi Şi Di Cem

        60 minutes
        • Drama

        Bi Şi Di Cem Theatre Play

        Age Limit: 12+
        Duration: 60 Minutes

        Doctors, interns, nurses, pharmacists, patient carers, representatives
        All health workers, look here!
        You have the microphone!
        You have it in your hands as much as you want, wherever you want!
        Tell your stories!
        Pour your heart out!
        Let's listen together, let's laugh together!
        Let's laugh, shout and make our voices heard!
        Let's take care of each other!

        You have the prescription for our health, and Dr Bishidicem has your prescription!

        Cem Eroğlu, who carries the Oscar-winning health events of our country, where every patient is the protagonist of the patient's relatives, who goes through the head of every healthcare professional, to the stage, our healthcare professionals, who are declared our dear lungs in the pandemic and then pulled out so that they can go if they go, and our patients who are really in danger of seeking healing and not finding their healer, are morale with their interactive show.

        In this show, doctors, nurses and all health professionals are talking... They are talking and Cem is laughing! Cem narrates, they laugh and the world becomes beautiful for an hour...

        *The following rules apply for Fişekhane events;

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        - The specified time is the event start time.

        - Late arrivals are admitted at intermission if there is an intermission in theatre performances; at the first appropriate applause in shows such as concerts, dances, performances. Otherwise, they cannot be admitted.
        - There is an age limit of 12 years.

        - It is forbidden to record with cameras, cameras, mobile phones and all kinds of recording devices.

        - Phones must be switched off/silent.

        - Tickets that are not used on the day and time are invalid and it is not possible to refund and/or change the ticket price and service fee. No request can be made to Biletinial for the refund of tickets not used on the day and time.
        - The organising institutions and/or organisations have the right to change the seating arrangement and plan in the areas and/or concert halls where the concert will be held.
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