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        Seni Seviyorum İyi Ki Ayrılmışız

        90 minutes
        • Tiyatro

        Seni Seviyorum İyi Ki Ayrılmışız Theatre Tickets

        Age Limit: 13+
        Duration: 90 Minutes / One Act

        Leyla and Sami, former husband and wife, meet by chance in a wedding hall...
        Years later, they find each other in a completely different state: one is the groom, the other the wedding planner.

        The groom has to complete the wedding organization and the only person who can help him is his ex-wife Leyla. As they work to fulfill the wishes of the new bride, they are forced to open up emotional issues from the past. Memories and emotions cause them to question their future.

        Does every story have a happy ending? Or is there such a thing as a happy ending?
        This encounter reveals the complexity of endings and beginnings.

        Written by: Zeki Enes Akkan
        Director: Emre Bahadır Çırakoğlu
        Decor Design: Merve Yörük
        Light Design: Utku Kara
        Music Design: Kemal Arslan
        Choreographer: Utku Demirkaya
        Poster Photo: Ayşegül Karacan
        Poster Design: Berkcan Okar
        Game Photos: Tolga Bayraklı
        Reji Assistant: Elif Tekinyer
        Decor Application:Kibele Decor
        Executive Producer: Hazal Sahin
        Executive Producer: Serdar Tuncer
        Production: Yolo Production

        Cast: Melis İşiten, Şahin Irmak

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