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        Sevgili Arsız Ölüm Dirmit

        Osmanağa, Halil Ethem Sokak, General Asım Gündüz Cd., 34714 Kadıköy/İstanbul 31 August Saturday - 31 August 2024 Saturday
        85 minutes
        • Tragedy
        • Drama

        Sevgili Arsız Ölüm Dirmit Theatre Play Tickets

        Age Limit: 12+
        Duration: One act, 85 min.

        About the Game
        We listen to the struggle of a crowded family migrating from the village to the city through the eyes of Dirmit, the youngest daughter of the family. In the one-room house they are stuck in, they all find their own way in the struggle to hold on to the city. Dirmit, on the other hand, finds ways to cope with the difficulties she faces thanks to her relentless curiosity and resilience. Her mother Atiye, her father Huvat and her brothers, who try to protect her from the city, are frustrated by Dirmit's ways and put obstacles in her way, guided by customs and traditions. But Dirmit does not stop!

        About the Novel
        "Unrealized dreams shattered the people I was born and raised among... I struggled to keep up with the city. I was covered in bruises. As I struggled, I was separated from the people I was born and raised with. But I resisted in order to preserve my own values, my language and the love those people carried to me with an unstoppable enthusiasm. This novel is a gift to me from the people I grew up among for this resistance. "Latife Tekin

        About the Process
        The play is a product of the research of getting to know Dirmit from the point where the novel touches the actor and the other characters in the novel through Dirmit's narrative, and of bringing the magical realist language of the novel, which is established through the author-narrator, to the stage in the simplest form with the character-narrator.

        By: Latife Tekin
        Adapted-Directed by: Hakan Emre Ünal
        Adapted - Acted by: Nezaket Erden
        Project Advisor: Zeynep Günsur Yüceil
        Poster Design: Kardelen Akça

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        Sevgili Arsız Ölüm Dirmit Tickets and Prices

        İstanbul Anatolian SideSevgili Arsız Ölüm Dirmit İstanbul Anatolian Side Tickets

        AdresModa Sahnesi Büyük Salon
        Moda Sahnesi
        Organization Moda Sahnesi
        384.00 ₺ Prices starting from
        AdresModa Sahnesi Büyük Salon
        Moda Sahnesi
        Organization Moda Sahnesi
        384.00 ₺ Prices starting from

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