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        Timsah Ateşi

        26 June Wednesday - 16 September 2024 Monday
        120 minutes
        • Drama

        Timsah Ateşi Theater Play Tickets

        Age Limit: 16+
        Duration: 120 min.

        Starring Funda Eryiğit, Hazar Ergüçlü and Hidayet Erdinç, Crocodile Fire tells the turbulent story of two sisters living at opposite poles and their turbulent relationship with their father. Directed by Mehmet Ergen, the play was one of the best plays at the Edinburgh Fringe Theater Festival in 2019.

        1989, Northern Ireland... The surreal, grotesque story of a rebellious girl Fianna (Hazar Ergüçlü) and her pious older sister Alannah (Funda Eryiğit), who are imprisoned for 8 years in a loveless home with a crippled father, whose pace never drops for a moment.

        ''Like a feminist Tarantino...!'' - The Guardian

        Producer: Çolpan İlhan-Sadri Alışık Theater & Piu Entertainment

        By: Meghan Tyler

        Translated by: Zeynep Anacan

        Directed by: Mehmet Ergen

        Decor Design: Merve Yörük

        Lighting Design: Richard Williamson

        Costume Design: Gül Sağer

        Sound & Effect Design: Ersin Aşar

        Assistant Director: Melda Narin Güler

        Creative Agency: Happy People Project

        Photos: Levent Özdemir

        Lyrics Translator: Ceren Gündoğdu & Mehmet Ergen

        Stage Design Assistant: Ilgaz Kasapoglu

        Assistants: Zehra Barto, Ayşenur Erman


        Funda Eryigit

        Hazar Ergüçlü

        Hidayet Erdinc

        Okan Demirok

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        Timsah Ateşi Tickets and Prices

        AdanaTimsah Ateşi Adana Tickets

        AdresAdana 01 Burda Pgm Kültür Merkezi
        Akso Organizasyon
        Organization Akso Organizasyon
        600.00 ₺ Prices starting from

        BursaTimsah Ateşi Bursa Tickets

        445.00 ₺ Prices starting from

        MersinTimsah Ateşi Mersin Tickets

        Organization Ekin Sanat
        536.00 ₺ Prices starting from

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