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        Aşık Shakespeare

        24 June Monday - 01 September 2024 Sunday
        110 minutes
        • Comedy

        Aşık Shakespeare Theatre Play 

        Age Limit: 13+
        Duration: 110 minutes / One Act

        The cult film Shakespeare in Love, which won 7 Oscars including Best Picture, is on the theatre stage for the first time in Turkey!

        Shakespeare in Love, which attracts attention with its high energy, comedy and romance and is played to sold-out houses in all countries where it is staged, is on the theatre stage for the first time in Turkey with Serdar Biliş's direction and a huge cast of 70 people, 40 on stage and 30 backstage.

        Starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu (William Shakespeare) and Nezaket Erden (Viola), the co-production of Çolpan İlhan & Sadri Alışık Theatre, Piu Entertainment and Zorlu PSM, Shakespeare in Love is coming to Antalya and Izmir for the first time!
        Shakespeare in Love can be watched at Zorlu PSM Turkcell Stage throughout the season with its extraordinary regime.

        In Shakespeare in Love, which can be interpreted as a bold love letter to the theatre, eye-catching production, extraordinary costumes, impressive dances and original music come together to reveal the unity and boundlessness of theatre. The songs composed to reflect the astonishing atmosphere of the play are performed live on stage by the musician Gülinler and the special orchestra gathered for the play.

        Focusing on William Shakespeare's youth in 16th century England, when he was trying to prove himself with his new play and a young woman's passionate struggle to get on stage in the world of men, Shakespeare in Love offers a contemporary perspective on Shakespearean theatre and life. The play tells the story of a theatre company's staging of Shakespeare's play, a series of misunderstandings, confusion, kings, accidents and the strangest forms of love, with a nod to the legend of Shakespeare and Marlowe. Don't miss this extraordinary play, which charts young Will's process of writing Romeo and Juliet, the greatest love story of all time.

        Producer: Çolpan İlhan & Sadri Alışık Theatre, Piu Entertainment, Zorlu PSM
        By: Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard
        Adapted by: Lee Hall
        Translated & Directed by: Serdar Biliş
        Choreographer: Beyhan Murphy
        Composer: Tuluğ Tırpan
        Decor & Lighting Design: Cem Yilmazer
        Costume Design: Gamze Kuş
        Song Lyrics: Gülin Kılıçay
        Assistant Director: Serin Öztoprak
        Reji Follow-up: Buket Gülbeyaz
        Assistant Director: Ozan Bingol
        Reji Assistant: Neslişah Canbaz
        Assistant Choreographer: Canberk Yildiz
        Dance Reji Assistant: Fethi Arda Ergül
        Repetitor: Alper Marangoz
        Assistant Set Designer: Cemre Bulak
        Fight Instructor:  Bulut Demir Türk
        Physiotherapist: Habil Yenici
        Stage Manager: Emir Furkan Cavdar
        Stage Assistant: Dila Büyükuğur
        Stage Assistant: Büşra Tezcan
        Stage Assistant: Neşe Deniz Demirdöven
        Hair and Make-up: Neriman Eröz
        Poster Photos: Levent Özdemir
        Creative Agency: Happy People Project
        Social Media Agency: Based Istanbul

        Will Shakespeare: Uraz Kaygılaroğlu
        Viola De Lesseps: Nezaket Erden
        Queen Elizabeth/Nanny: Şebnem Sönmez
        Ned Alleyn/Mercutio/Hamlet: Kerem Arslanoglu
        Henslowe: Merve Polat
        Fanny: Ceren Tasci
        Wessex: Ekrem Can Arslandağ
        Sam/Juliet: Taha Tegin Özdemir
        Ralph/Fress/Nanny/Bakekeeper: Emir Unver
        Benvolio/Ophelia: Rose Story Su Okur
        Wabash/Watchman/Narrator: Emrecan Karakurum
        John Webster: Kardelen Koç
        Tilney: Mine Nur Sen
        The rower: Birsu Demir
        Tybalt: Alize Calık
        Priest: Nurcan Sirin
        Balthasar: Tamar Çıtak
        Sampson: Virgo Kara
        Curtain Theatre Actor/Gravedigger/Watchman: Aral Colak
        Curtain Theatre Actor: Aytuğ Erten

        Dancer: Ferhat Gunes
        Dancer: Fethi Arda Ergül
        Dancer: Can Gokdogan
        Dancer: Ali Erim Koç
        Dancer: Berkcan Ceylan
        Dancer: Argun Sayın
        Dancer: Tuğçe Göncü
        Dancer: Begüm Canbulatoglu
        Dancer: Ilayda Ipekci
        Dancer: Ekin Ançel
        Dancer: Ay Cakir
        Dancer:  Alya Dormen

        Vocal: Gülin Kılıçay

        Accordion - Violin: Özge Metin
        Double bass: Dogan Dogangun
        Trumpet: Tan Güven
        Infrastructure and MIX: Mert Yuksel
        Drum: Reis Ali Eroğlu

        - There is an age limit of 13 in the event. Audiences under the age of 13 cannot participate in the event.
        - Guests aged 14 and under will not be allowed in the hall without a parent (mum or dad).
        - It is strictly forbidden to take video recordings or photographs, including mobile phones, during the event.
        - Guests must comply with the specified seating arrangement. Guests are required to sit in the designated seats during the event.
        - The seating arrangement may change according to the regulations and official warnings of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
        - Since food and beverages are sold in the event areas, it is forbidden to bring food and beverages from outside.

        *Ticket cancellations are not available for Piu Entertainment.

        *ISF Activity Rules for Art are as follows;

        - Tickets that are not used on the day and time are invalid and it is not possible to refund and/or change the ticket price and service fee. Tickets that are not used on the day and time cannot be requested from Biletinial for refund.
        - If your ticket cannot be used for any reason other than force majeure or cancellation of the event, you can contact Biletinial up to 48 hours before the event time at the latest.
        - The organising institution and/or organisations have the right to change the seating arrangement and plan in the areas and/or concert halls where the concert will be held.
        - The user accepts that he/she complies with the age limit rules valid for the event for the tickets purchased through Biletinial. For age limits, it will be mandatory to present an ID at the event venue for the ticket purchased.
        - If there is a discounted ticket definition for the event and a ticket is purchased with the discounted ticket option, the User agrees and undertakes that he/she is subject to this discounted ticket. For discounted tickets, it will be mandatory to present the identity card at the event venue.
        - In case of late arrival at the event time, Biletinial is in no way responsible for taking the user to the event venue.

        Aşık Shakespeare Tickets and Prices

        BursaAşık Shakespeare Bursa Tickets

        595.00 ₺ Prices starting from

        İzmirAşık Shakespeare İzmir Tickets

        Adresİzmir Kültürpark Açık Hava Tiyatrosu
        14-19 Haziran Tarihleri Arasında Tüm Kategorilerde Geçerli %25 Bayram İndirimi!
        446.00 ₺ Prices starting from
        Adresİzmir Kültürpark Açık Hava Tiyatrosu
        14-19 Haziran Tarihleri Arasında Tüm Kategorilerde Geçerli %25 Bayram İndirimi!
        446.00 ₺ Prices starting from

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