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        Akordeon Takvim Yapımı

        Akordeon Takvim Yapımı

        45 minutes
        • Workshop

        Akordeon Takvim Yapımı


        Note: In the case that workshop events to take place at the Children’s Art Centre does not meet with sufficient attendance, our event will be cancelled. Refund operations should be carried out through biletinial.

        Refund And Change

        Sold tickets cannot be changed or returned, except in cases of cancellation of an event or a change of date.

        All events to take place in AKM are subject to special rules due to the pandemic. All who buys a ticket is naturally regarded to have accepted to abide by these rules and sanctions.

        AKM Administration has the right not to allow individuals whom they disapprove in the event area by refunding their tickets.

        For Your Health

        In accordance with the circular letter, “Mandatory PCR Test” dated 14.01.2022 issued by the Republic of Türkiye, Ministry of Internal Affairs, it has been decided on the advice of the Coronavirus Science Committee that, due to the recent course of the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on public health, it is no longer necessary to have PCR test scans prior to attending events such as concerts, cinema, or theatre.

        During the Event

        It is prohibited to make recordings during the workshops by cameras, cell phones etc. recording devices. Recording devices will not be allowed on the premises.

        Upon the commencement of the event, the parents will not be allowed in the workshop.

        Rules For the Premises

        The participants can enter the Children’s Art Centre five minutes before the commencement of the event.

        There may be changes in location due to compelling reasons. The sold tickets cannot be refunded because of a change in location.

        With the exception of designated places, it is prohibited to enter the premises with food and beverages, smoke/use tobacco and tobacco products or vape electronic cigarettes.

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