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        Güldestan İDOB  - MDTistanbul

        Güldestan İDOB - MDTistanbul

        • MDT

        Güldestan - MDTistanbul

        A Feast of Modern Dance and Music

        Direction and Choreography: Beyhan Murphy
        Music: Mercan Dede

        Güldestan, one of the most popular works staged by the State Opera and Ballet, comes back to the AKM stage to meet its audience after a long break. 

        Güldestan, produced by the choreographer and modern dance Art Director Beyhan Murphy and Mercan Dede in 2004, has since been staged in Netherlands, China, Germany, Macedonia, Cyprus, Bosnia, Algeria, Albania, and France; and further, took part in important festivals in Türkiye such as the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, Bodrum Ballet Festival, and Bursa Festival. The work has been realized as a “music and dance production” with a company comprised of the members of Ankara, İzmir, and İstanbul State Opera and Ballet of thbe Directorate General of the State Opera and Ballet thanks to the initiatives of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Güldestan, which has also been staged by the six State Opera and Ballet institutions, namely Mersin, Antalya, Samsun, İzmir, Ankara, and İstanbul, has also the qualification that it the most circuited work of the State Opera and Ballet.

        What makes Güldestan popular can be found in the following: the work merges the modern with the traditional. However, further on that, it is a first on the field of performing arts owing to its approach that nests together the electronic music with the traditional music. It is a whole dancing performance executed over musical pieces both performed live by an orchestra and played from the record. In Güldestan, the audience is taken on a journey in which it goes through a migration road to a café in a city quarter, through the works of the modern author Orhan Pamuk to the 17th century world of Evliya Çelebi, through the internal struggles of the modern man to the Celestial Whirl (Semâ) of the dervishes, through the Ottoman times to the modern İstanbul, and at last to Gül (lit. the Rose).

        The nomad’s tent where Güldestan resides has a mystical aura related via a modern dance rhetoric. The work is accompanied by a small live orchestra and photographs of Ara Güler on the backdrop.


        Libretto And Choreography: Beyhan Murphy
        Musical Director: Mercan Dede
        Scenic Design: Işın Mumcu
        Costume Design: İsmail Dede-Ayşegül Alev
        Original Lighting Design: Mıchael Odam
        Light Adaptation: Beyhan Murphy-Şener Akyamaner-Taner Aydın
        Photographs: Ara Güler
        Script: Orhan Pamuk-Evliya Çelebi
        Voice: Halit Ergenç
        Producer: Arkın Zirek
        Repetiteur: Seçil Yenigün, Canberk Yıldız


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