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        La Boheme İDOB

        La Boheme İDOB

        • Opera

        La Boheme İDOB

        İstanbul State Opera and Ballet (İDOB) is getting ready to stage the famous opera La Bohème on February 4, 2023! The opera, to meet art lovers at Atatürk Cultural Center - Türk Telekom Opera Hall, is commonly regarded as one of the masterpieces of the composer Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924). The opera, whose libretto was drafted by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa, is also among the most staged opera pieces worldwide and the most loved.

        The work tells a touching love story set in Paris in the 1830s. A group of friends who lead a Bohème life earn their livelihood by making artwork. The poet Rodolfo is in love with the tailor Mimì, while painter Marcello has a tempestuous relationship with the singer Musetta. Despite every hardship, both couples make the most of life and love, sharing time in happiness. However, one day, when they learn that Mimì is in poor health, which also deteriorates by the day, Rodolfo refuses to believe that she can die from the sickness. Rodolfo and Mimì part ways, and months later, Musetta, seeing that Mimì’s health is in a critical state, brings her to the house where Rodolfo and Marcello live. Rodolfo immediately takes her in and tries his best to restore her back to health. And yet, it is all too late. Right after they declare their love to one another, Mimì succumbs to the pernicious arms of her malady. 
        The work will be performed in the Italian original.

        Producer, Evin Atik
        Conductor for the İDOB Orchestra, İbrahim Yazıcı
        Scenic Design, Çağda Çitkaya
        Costume Design, Sevtaç Demirer
        Light Design, Serkan Şentürk
        Choreography, Şebnem Şenel
        Conductor for the İDOB Choir, Paolo Villa
        Conductor for the İDOB Children’s Choir, Sercan Gazeroğlu


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        It’s forbidden to enter the venues with food and beverages, consume tobacco or tobacco products or use e-cigarettes outside smoke-free areas. 

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