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What Do You Say

What Do You Say

İstanbul - AKM Çok Amaçlı Salon Gümüşsuyu Mah. Tak-ı Zafer Cad. 34437 Beyoğlu 1 ve salon daha 30 January Sunday - 27 February 2022 Sunday
  • Çocuk Oyunu

What Do You Say

Written & Directed by Faik Ertener
Assistant Director Tunç Günbay

Faik Ertener's play "What do you say" is about the adventure of a person who is unhappy with himself and his position, trying to be someone else…
The story of a man who tried to become a Lion to be the strongest, then realized he can not live in captivity and became an Eagle, but was tired of hunting and tried not to hunt, then the Sun, but when the light stopped, he decided to become a Cloud, but could not resist the wind, and finally decided to become a Mountain... And how long can a person endure being a mountain? Or how will he realize that the most powerful asset he possesses is his own talent, willpower, and fighting tenacity?
This is a really joyful and festive play  where you must find solutions to all of these questions; It will be performed in the Istanbul State Theaters between 2019-2020, and  will meet its audience on stage this time.
You wanted to be the strongest. You sought the strong…
You didn't like yourself, you became a lion and were chained...
You said eagle, you lost your wing...
You became the sun, you became a cloud…
You were thrown into the wind…
You became a mountain… But you could not become what you should have been…
How about you, kids? What do you believe is the most powerful thing on Earth?


Can Yılmaz
Cansın Bezircilioğlu
Çiçek Üstün
Engin Ünal
Erdoğan Carim
Görkem Koyuncu
Heran Akkaynak
Kürşat Kurnaz
Melis Aslan

Dilek Kaplan, Decor and Costume Design
Yüksel Aymaz, Light Design 
Can Atilla, Music
Jade Hawthorn, Choreography
Melikcan Zaman, Music Director 
Veda Yurtsever, Assistant Director 
Merve Erdoğan Carim, Heran Akkaynak, Stage Manager’s Assistants 
Mahsuni Yılmaz, Stage Supervisor 
Erhan Kösüre, Stage Manager  
Kaan Eman, Light Design Assistant
Sercan Saygun, Light Control
Taner Tan, Serkan Yıldız, Decorators
Burçin Özdemir, Burak Erem, Accessory Manager 
Nimet Çelebi, Women's Tailor 
Yaküp Köşüm, Men’s Tailor
Nesrin Kaynak, Wig Designer

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