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        5 Here Jo


        5 Here Jo

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        On the biggest television in the country, the idea is being thrown to realize the most important show, which will be the main television program for the next season. Jora (Bora) is in competition with Klara, another television producer, and both are willing to do anything to win the project, even with a shot under the belt. Jora and her staff think that a strong weapon could be the bringing to Albania of Gjergji (Donaldi), an Albanian director who has been living and working successfully in Vienna for years. Gjergji has the reputation of being a creative, energetic, professional director and a smiling, simple, charming and naive guy to understand the ugly tricks that will happen to him in this experience. In a trip organized by the owner of the television for the entire staff, at the end of which the winner of the project will be announced, Jora and Gjergji will be involved in a journey full of adventure, intrigue and strong emotions which will lead Jora to face a choice.

        • Vizyon Tarihi 04 Aralık 2023 Pazartesi
        • Film Türü Comedy
        • Süre 0 dakika

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