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        In the movie Unstoppable, death approaches as the clock ticks. A breathtaking thriller filled with action-packed moments and danger.

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        Retribution- Filminin Konusu

        Retribution- filminin detayları

        The plot of the Unstoppable movie was inspired by a real event that took place in the United States in 2001. The film is about Matt Turner, a businessman, who discovers that a bomb has been planted in his car and struggles for life and death with his family. While Turner tries to fulfill the demands of the attacker who planted a bomb in the vehicle, he also does his best to save his family. It draws attention with its unstoppable, exciting action scenes and tension-filled atmosphere. The director of the movie is Ridley Scott.

        • Vizyon Tarihi 18 Ekim 2023 Çarşamba
        • Film Türü Aksiyon, Gerilim
        • Süre 90 dakika

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