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        Mem u Zin

        Mem u Zin

        90 dakika
        • Dram

        Mem u Zin Theatre Play

        Age limit: 13+

        Duration: 90 Minutes / 2 Acts

        Although the lands have changed, Adam and Eve have been the protagonists of epics, plays and whispered stories. Their stories, whether set in the palaces of England or Mesopotamia, have survived to the present day without losing any of their meaning and fairy tale-like character. The ones we mostly know are unhappy love stories: Romeo and Juliet, Aslı and Kerem, Leyla and Majnun and many more. These are the stories of the pain brought by love and affection, which are always overshadowed by obstacles. Those who can meet live their love. Those who cannot, on the other hand, become epics, travelling from language to language, from life to book, from soil to stage. Two loves begin in Nevroz, one happy and one unhappy. But both are sour. It is the story of two couples who love each other equally. Siti and Tajdin, destined to unite, get lost between the lines of the story of unhappy lovers. Their reunion emphasises the separation of Mem and Zin. The two lovers end a painful life by uniting in the grave. The main project of Van Regional Theatre this year will take place in Diyarbakır for its 39th week. Ehmedé Xanî's work in verse comes to life on the stage with the master pen of the famous writer Cuma BOYNUKARA and the master director Mesut IRK's regime.

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